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Teen Mania Virtual Programs

Check out these fun activities with Miss Amy!

Check out a video with Ms. Amy on our Spencer Library YouTube channel at Spencer MA Library YouTube to see how you can contribute and submit writing, art, thoughts and ideas to the library this summer. Let’s showcase our talents and do a bit of community service at the same time!  All children in grades 6-12 welcome!

Virtual Book Scavenger Hunt

Happy Winter Everyone,
We’ve missed creating in-person scavenger hunts for you in the children’s department.
Here is the next best thing–A virtual scavenger hunt that’s fun for the whole family!
**If you don’t have the book yourself, feel free to search our virtual catalog for ideas.

Virtual Book Scavenger Hunt
(Winter version)

Join us for our Winter 2020 home scavenger hunt!
Search your shelves and your memory
for books that fit the following criteria.

Send us your results at!

Find a book with the word “winter” within its pages. _________
A book that takes place during the winter. __________
A character who does not like winter or the cold. ___________________
A cookbook that features recipes with soups or hot drinks. ______________
A nonfiction book about animals or plants during the winter. ________
A book that is about a winter holiday. ______
A book that features a scene that takes place around the hearth or fireplace. ____
A nonfiction book about a winter sport. _____________
A book by an author who lives in a warm winter place. ______
An adventure book. _________________


Greek Mythology Virtual Escape Room

AR & Lexile


Find AR BookFinder Points. Check titles, points and book levels on renaissance.


Lexile   Find Lexile books and scores.

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Drivers Permit & License Tests

Fun Sites to Explore

TeenCentral.Net is a safe, free and totally anonymous site that offers help when you need it most. If you have a problem, question, difficult situation or just want to vent, write your “story” and there will be an answer waiting for you within 24-hours. It’s that easy – so log on and work it out!

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