Charitable Needs / Prouty Fund

 Charitable Needs Commission (Prouty Fund)

Money problems

Charitable Needs Commission (a.k.a. The Prouty Fund) will now be meeting the FIRST Monday of each month October – June. Applicants will start being seen at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall Conference Room A (downstairs).

The fund is responsible for the distribution of moneys from the Melinda Prouty Harrington Fund. The purpose of the fund is to assist Spencer residents who can not make their utility bills on their own. The committee has established a rule that applicants must have been Spencer residents for at least 1 year. The assistance is intended to be a one time payment to help the applicant pay an outstanding bill – i.e. rent, utilities. It operates on a voucher system. Once the committee approval is obtained, if the request is for food, the applicant is given a voucher which can then be presented at a supermarket to pay for groceries. If the request is for something other than food the voucher is forwarded, by the committee, to the landlord, utility, etc. to pay an outstanding bill.