Trustee Minutes

Minutes of the Richard Sugden Library Trustees Meeting

November 13, 2017

In attendance: Cheryl Donahue, Director, Deborah Kirk, Children’s Librarian

Mary Anne Slack, Amy Paul, Trustees, Lynn Dobson, Chair


Minutes from the October meeting were read and accepted.

Report of the Children’s Librarian:

  • Ongoing children’s programs: There are seven participants in each of the toddler and Pre-K groups. Two to three teens have been participating and there are seven regular after school participants.
  • The principal of WVS has given approval for library staff to hold Book Talks for grades one through four in the school library. Staff will make 19 visits to cover all the classes.
  • There is a need for graphic novels and beginning chapter books. Sorting of nonfiction is being done to create space for the new books.
  • Debbie attended the MLS annual meeting, attending a workshop about technology and absorbing information. The consensus is that information is generally absorbed better from books.

Director’s Report:

  • Cheryl attended selectmen’s meetings on 10/23 and 10/30 to discuss the library’s HVAC issues. The interim town administrator stated that there is $25,000 available to have architect/engineer design work done. MPC provided their best estimate for the work at $450,000.
  • Cheryl attended the Central MA Advocacy Group in Rutland.
  • Cheryl volunteered at the town’s Halloween party. As a member of the Exchange Club, she also participated in the roadside collection for funds to provide warm clothing for members of the community.
  • Programming has continued to bring new people to the library. Walks With The Librarians, Chess Night, Open Mic Night were all well-attended.
  • One of the computers in the Children’s Room is no longer functional. Chery plans to purchase one to replace it and an additional one for the Young Adult area. State grant money will be used.
  • Live Action Escapes of Worcester is working with staff to plan an escape room at the library.
  • The raffles for the dollhouse and telescope raised $150.
  • Three staff members are scheduled to attend workshop in Sturbridge to network with staff of other libraries.

Building Issues:

  • Road construction outside the library caused a water leak inside the building. A nick in a water pipe cause a leak into the lower level electrical conduit. This has been repaired.
  • Heavy rains caused water to leak in several areas of the library, soaking carpeting and causing mold. Falcon Services assessed the damage and will clean and make repairs. The cost is approximately $2000.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM. The next meeting will be held January 8, 2018.